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What is the cost of full time maid in Delhi?

Namaskaar,  Delhi, This is very common question on internet that people want to know that what is the cost of full time maid in Delhi or 24 hours live-in maid in Delhi ? The cost of Hiring a full time maid in Delhi may vary according to maid experience, skills , responsibilities, and whether they live on the premises. Delhi has many different areas, and in each one, the cost of a full-time maid can be different.

For example –

  • If your are living in posh society, bunglow, villas in Delhi or Delhi NCR – Full time Maid cost could be 20k – 25k.
  • If you are living in smaller homes – Full time maid cost could be 15k -18k

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Understanding Maid Costs in High Society Areas in Delhi, Delhi NCR


There are lot of various factor which can affect the costing of hiring a full time live-in housemaid in posh area of Delhi and Delhi NCR and near by areas.

Large Spaces, Big Homes:  In these kind of places like high society areas, villas, and bungalows, homes are really big. More rooms mean more work for a housemaid.

Lots of Cleaning: Cleaning is a big part of the job because there’s a lot of space to keep tidy.They have to clean many rooms, making it a busy job.

 Helping in the Kitchen:  Maids might need to assist in the kitchen, maybe even cook sometimes.This includes serving everyone and making sure everything is in order.

Serving Everyone: In bigger homes, there are more people to take care of.The maid has to serve everyone and make sure everything runs smoothly.

 More Responsibilities:  The job is not just about cleaning; it involves various tasks.It can be demanding because of the many responsibilities, making it a bit more challenging.

Cost Consideration:  Due to the extensive work and responsibilities in these areas, the cost of hiring a full-time housemaid is around 20k-25k.

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Understanding Maid Costs in smaller homes in Delhi, Delhi NCR


If you are living In small homes, houses, flats & apartments  and want to hire full time maid the it could be cost approx 15k to 18k.  Also there are some factor which can affect costing .

Cleaning Isn’t Too Much: In small homes, there isn’t too much to clean. Fewer rooms make it easier for the maid.

 Kitchen Help is Simple: The maid might help a bit in the kitchen, but it’s not too hard. No fancy cooking, just simple stuff.

 Not Many People to Serve:  In small homes, there are not many people. So, the maid doesn’t have to do a lot of serving.

Not Too Much Work: The maid’s job in small homes is not too hard. It’s easier compared to big homes with lots of work.

 Not Too Expensive: Because the work is not too much, the cost of hiring a maid for a small home is not too expensive. It’s just right!


Task & Duties of 24 hours live-in maid


No. Tasks and Job of a 24-Hour Live-in Maid
1. Always there for you, day and night
2. Keeps the house clean all the time
3. Helps quickly in any problem or surprise
4. Cooks meals and makes sure you eat on time
5. Washes, dries, and irons your clothes
6. Takes care of kids or older family members
7. Looks after pets, feeds them, and keeps them happy
8. Watches over the house to keep it safe
9. Buys groceries to make sure you have everything
10. Runs errands and does tasks for you
11. Adjusts her schedule to fit your needs
12. Keeps you company and helps when needed
13. Does simple gardening if you have a garden
14. Checks if things in the house are working well
15. Takes short breaks to rest and stay healthy

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FAQ : Costing & hiring a full time maid in Delhi


  1. How much does it cost to hire a full-time maid in Delhi?
    • It’s usually around 20,000 to 25,000 INR per month.
  2. What affects the cost of hiring a full-time maid?
    • The size of your home, the work you need, and the maid’s experience can change the cost.
  3. Are there extra charges besides the monthly fee?
    • Normally, the monthly fee covers everything, but it’s good to check.
  4. Can I talk about the cost with the maid and lower it?
    • You can try negotiating, but it depends on the maid and the work.
  5. Are there any hidden costs when hiring a full-time maid?
    • It’s best to ask about all the costs upfront to avoid surprises.
  6. Does the cost change based on where I live in Delhi?
    • Yes, it might change depending on the area.
  7. Is it more expensive to hire a maid through an agency?
    • Agencies may have extra fees, but they offer more services.
  8. How often do I pay the maid – every week or month?
    • Usually, it’s every month, but you can decide with the maid.
  9. Do I need to give extra things like food or a place to stay?
    • It depends on the maid. Some may want these things, others not.
  10. Can I hire a maid for a shorter time, and will it cost less?
    • Some maids are flexible, but discuss this before to avoid confusion.
  11. What if I need the maid to work more sometimes? Does it cost more?
    • Extra hours might mean extra pay, so talk about this beforehand.
  12. Will there be a charge if I end the contract early?
    • Ending early might have extra costs, so discuss this when making the contract.
  13. Does it cost more to have a maid do childcare too?
    • Having more responsibilities might mean a higher cost. Discuss this before.
  14. Do I need to buy cleaning stuff, or is it included in the cost?
    • Ask if the cost covers cleaning supplies or if you need to get them.
  15. Can I have a trial period before a long-term contract?
    • Some maids may agree. Make sure to talk about the cost during this time.
  16. Are there any rules from the government about maid costs in Delhi?
    • Check local rules to know if there are minimum wages or other rules.
  17. How do changes in money and the economy affect maid costs?
    • Economic changes might mean costs change, so be aware of this.
  18. Can the cost of a maid go up over time?
    • Contracts may have reviews and changes, so talk about this from the start.
  19. Is insurance part of the cost, or do I need to get it separately?
    • Check if insurance is in the package or if you need to arrange it.
  20. How can I be sure the cost is clear when hiring a maid in Delhi?
    • Talk clearly, write down what you agree on, and make sure both of you understand to avoid problems.

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