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Today in the 21st century, we have become so busy in this fast-changing world that we often need maid service, and to fulfill this need, we search for maid service or maid agency on the internet. Since the word maid service is very broad and depends on your need, what are you searching for in maid service?

Every user has different needs, like someone is looking for a home maid for his house, someone is looking for a babysitter for his child. Some are searching for cooks, and some are looking for Japa maids or kaam wali. Lets  know about  in detail what maid service is. And what should we pay attention to before hiring any home maid?


What is Maid Service?

housemaid is cleaning table with cleaning spray.
maid service

All those people who make our domestic life easy come under maid service. You can see  home maid in many ways, like cook maid, babysitting maid, nanny maid, japa maid, caregiver etc. Some maids are skilled in all household chores; such maids are full-time. She does all the household chores like cleaning, cooking, child care etc. Some maids give their service in different houses part-time.

The most important thing about maid service is to establish a relationship of trust, and there are always three links in this relationship.

1- Maid agency

2- Housemaid

3- Client


Points before to hire Maid online 

Female maid in happy mood after finishing work
house maid

1- Have I come to the right maid agency?

2- Is the maid agency reliable?

3- Is the maid agency providing you with the right housemaid?

4- Has the housemaid been verified?

5- Will the housemaid be able to adjust to my home environment?

If I say in one line, all three of us must maintain our responsibility and trust towards each other. On the other hand, Also there is full responsibility of us for the safety of the housemaid and her rights.


Types of Maid Services

types of maid service
types of maid service

There are basically two types of maid service which maid agency provide which is

1- Part-time maid service

These types of maids work for a limited time like 2 hours , 4 hours , 6 hours or 8 hours . They basically work in multiple homes and provide part time services . They can perform any kind of task like regular cleaning , deep cleaning , commercial cleaning , cooking , babysitting, japa service , pet cleaning , care giver services but for a limited time .




House Maid

4-12 Hours



4-12 Hours 



4-12 Hours 


Japa Maids

4-12 Hours 



4-12 Hours



4-12 Hours 


New Born Care

4-12 Hours 


2- Full-time maid service

These types of maids work for 24 hours . They are professional . They also provide all kind of domestic help assistance . Full time maid budget could be high . Looking for full time maid near you. Urmi group is here to help you to find a perfect full time home maid for you. Please get in touch with us through call or whats app . Below mentioning table of full time maids and expected salary details.




House Maids

24 Hours

Approx 15k/Monthly


24 Hours

Approx 15k-20k/Monthly 


24 Hours

Approx 12k-25k/Monthly


24 Hours

Approx 15k-35k/Monthly

Care Giver

24 Hours

Approx 15-25k/Monthly


24 Hours

Approx 15k-35k/Monthly

Advantage of Home Maid Services

maid is cleaning house with dust cleaner machine
house cleaning

Housemaids make our daily life simple and convenient by which we can establish coordination between our professional life and domestic life. To run our domestic life smoothly, we often need a housemaid in some form or the other.

1- We can save time concentrating smoothly on other work like a job or business.

2- Professional housemaids are perfect in their field of work, such as deep cleaning the house, handling the situation when sudden guests arrive, cooking, serving the elderly, taking care of children, taking care of pregnant women, etc. It may depend on them. They never disappoint you.

3- Regular cleaning of the house keeps the atmosphere of the house clean, due to which all the house members remain pleased.

4- Maid service, you can hire a Housemaid as per your need, such as deep cleaning, regular cleaning, commercial cleaning, pet cleaning, caregiver, Japa maids, and Babysitter for child care. 5- Besides being professional,Housemaids are punctual so that you can focus on your work while being tension free.

How to choose online Maid services ?

home maid is in happy mood with her all cleaning stuffs
house maid

Before hiring  online house maid service, we must consider some things.

1- First of all, we have to understand our requirements, whether we want part-time maid service or full-time maid service.

2- Before taking maid service from any maid agency, we should thoroughly investigate that agency.

3- Before taking maid service, we must check whether the maid agency is doing character verification or not of their staff.

4- Is the maid agency registered or not?

5- Is the person provided by the maid agency appropriate for that maid job or not?

6- We should always read all the terms and conditions of the maid agency before hiring home maid.

7- If possible, Ask for previous client feedback.

8- Please visit the office of the maid agency.

9- Always consider budget-friendly housemaid


Maids verification

deep cleaning of house after Maid verification
maid verification

Before hiring a housemaid from a maid agency, we have to ensure about character verification process of their staff. Also, try to collect the previous records of referred person, such as previous client feedback, and please do crosscheck their details. Without maid verification, don’t hire. Because safety is our first priority.



Hiring a Housemaid , we can balance our busy and domestic lives. Customized maid service  provides you with all kinds of facilities; you can hire a maid according to your need. Whether you need a maid to clean your house or a cook to cook food, a babysitter to take care of the kids, japa maids or full-time maids to take care of pregnant women, a maid agency provides you with all these facilities.

But before hiring anyone, please do all kinds of investigation first, like verification of the maid agency, verification of their staff, and after that, housemaid according to your budget and your need. Hire In this sequence, Urmi Group is continuously providing home maid  services for the last five years as the best maid agency.

If you, too, are looking for a housemaid for any of your domestic needs, then you are at right place. Urmi Group (Government approved maid agency ) welcomes you. Please get in touch with us via WhatsApp or call for any kind of home maid assistance.


Urmi Group Review

Nabin PandayNabin Panday
06:02 04 Aug 23
Professional maid in Noida. I really appreciate with their team and services and I suggest every one for go with Irmi Group.
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05:10 04 Aug 23
Best Cook Service in Noida, Delhi NCR. Professional female cook placed in our place and I highly Recommend this agency.
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15:11 03 Aug 23
Best maid service in Noida I ever seen. I strongly Recommend Urmi Group as they are the most trusted and honest maid agency in Delhi NCR.
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15:44 02 Aug 23
Best Cook Service in Noida, Delhi NCR. Professional and honest Cooking staffs provided to me.
Avdhesh KumarAvdhesh Kumar
07:38 02 Aug 23
Best Maid service in Noida NCR. Honest and hardworking maid provided in my place. Thanks Urmi Group and I strongly suggest this agency to everyone.
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09:25 31 Jul 23
Professional Nanny service provider in Noida NCR. I'm fully satisfied with the baby care staffs provided to my place and I Strongly recommend Urmi group for further hiring.
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09:15 31 Jul 23
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14:36 29 Jul 23
Professional Babysitting Service in Noida. Honest and hardworking Nanny provided to me. I strongly suggest Urmi Group as best maid agency in Delhi NCR
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13:30 29 Jul 23
Most trusted maid service provider in Noida NCR. I'm fully satisfied with the domestic help provided to me. And highly suggest Until Group.
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