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Hello, Welcome to Urmi Group, a reliable & trustworthy maid service provider in your nearby area. If you are searching for an online maid service near me or want to hire a full-time , part -time maid for your house, domestic, or commercial needs in your local city, then you are at the right place.

We are dedicated to making your life much easier and comfortable with our maid services. We (Urmi Group) provide maids, japa maids, cook maids, babysitters, nannies, elder care, nurses, full-time maids, 12-hour maids, kaam wali bai.

Urmi Group - Your trusted maid service near me
Urmi Group – Your trusted maid service near me

We are a government-verified and registered LLP company. We have been working as the best maid agency for the last five years in Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgram,  and nearby areas. We are continuously expanding our services across all over India. Currently, we are serving our services in more than 50+ local areas across 40 states of India.

More than 1000+ maids are registered with us (Urmi Group ) across India. We especially give attention to background checks of Maids & all staff. Our maids are police verified, but we recommend verifying them before hiring. We know that every person or family could have different needs, so we have categorized maid service according to their role. You can hire maids according to your requirements.

Full-Time Maid Service by Urmi Group near you


Full Time maid service by Urmi Group
Full Time maid service by Urmi Group

Are you searching for a full-time maid service near me over the Internet or in your local city ?Worry not, Urmi Group is here!

We provide full-time maid service nearby you. Full-time maids stay at your home/residence to assist you in all your domestic needs, like-

  • Dedicated House help
  • Deep cleaning of the house
  • Cooking Assistance
  • Child care
  • Elderly care
  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry service
  • Pet care 

If you are looking to hire or any query regarding Full time maid service near me  , please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.


Part-time maid service by Urmi Group near you


Part Time maid service by Urmi Group

Are you looking for a part-time maid, chute kaam maid, 4 hours maid, 12 hours maid, kaam wali bai service near me over the Internet and still not finding any trustworthy maid service?

Here, the Urmi group welcomes you to our website. We provide part-time maid service in your local city or area. Part-time maids offer flexible timing for 2 hours, chutta kaam , 6 hours, 8 hours. In this frame of time, they work according to their role. Part-time maids could assist you in general cleaning, laundry, and other domestic tasks. You can hire part-time maids as needed without a long-term contract. They are ideal for our busy lifestyle.


Japa maid service by Urmi Group near you


Japa maid service by Urmi Group
Japa maid service by Urmi Group

Are you still struggling to find a Japa maid near me to care for a new mother or any newborn care?

Don’t worry! Urmi Group is here to take care of all your household needs. At Urmi group, we provide japa maids service. Japa maids are those maids who are specialized in taking care of the mother and newborn baby after delivery. Many of us also called her “Dai Maa”.

Japa maid’s works 


Japa maid work

In simple line – Japa maid priority to take care of new mother and new born baby after postnatal period ( Delivery ) . Japa maids a maid duties are given below ,

  • Newborn baby care
  • Newborn baby feeding
  • Baby diaper change
  • Newborn baby bathing
  • Newborn baby massage
  • Mother care
  • Meal preparation for mother
  • Cultural practices


Cook service by Urmi Group near you

Hire Cook Near me
Hire Cook Near me

Looking for a cook maid service near me over the Internet?

Now your search is over! Cook maids assist in the Kitchen; at Urmi Group, we provide skilled and dedicated cook maids in your nearby area who are perfect for cooking, including other work like grocery shopping, Kitchen deep cleaning, etc.


Why choose Cook maids service from Urmi Group


Here below mentioning  some reason why should you hire cook maids service from us (Urmi Group)

  • Skilled culinary expert – Our cook maids are experts in cooking all kinds of meals / Dishes.Customized menu – Any function, festival, get–together, kitties party, any dish – Our cookmaids can handle everything.
  • Daily meal preparation – Enjoy a fresh, hygienic, and healthy meal daily.
  • Special occasion Catering – We (Urmi Group) also provide cook for special occasions like birthdays, marriages, festivals, parties, kitties, and – get-togethers.
  • Kitchen organization – Our all cooks are professionals and know very well about kitchen organization .
  • Grocery shopping – Our Cook Maids service helps you buy all the groceries you need for cooking.
  • Special meal – Our cooks make yummy food designed just for you, however you like it.
  • Meal for patient – Our Cooks can also prepare meal for patient according to doctor advice life oil , masala free food .


Hire Babysitter – Nanny service by Urmi Group near you

Hire babysitter near me
Hire babysitter near me

Are you searching for a babysitter, childcare, or nanny service in your city or nearby to care for a child’s baby in all aspects?

At Urmi Group, we provide skilled and trained babysitters. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure your children’s safety and well-being, to give moral education, and to engage in activities according to age, including games, arts & crafts, homework assistance, Meal preparation, and bedtime routines. Our babysitter service is available in your local area, making finding reliable and trustworthy childcare simple.


Why choose Babysitter Nanny service from Urmi Group


We (Urmi Group) Babysitter Nanny service offers safety, first aid, meal preparation, homework assistance, household support, and engaging activities for your child.

Personalized care – Our babysitters are expert and highly trained and offer one-on-one personalized care suited to your child’s needs, ensuring the child’s physical, emotional and developmental well-being.

Flexible Schedules – Every family has a unique need; keeping this in mind, our nannies and babysitters can accommodate various schedules, including part-time, full-time, and live-in.
Early childcare development

Safety and First Aid – Our babysitters and nannies prioritize your child’s safety and are trained in first aid to handle any emergencies.

Meal preparation –We ensure your child receives nutritious and well-balanced meals.

Homework assistance – Our caregivers provide academic support, helping your child with their homework and educational tasks.

Household support – Beyond childcare, our services extend to assisting with household tasks to make your life easier.

Engaging activity for a child – We engage your child in fun and educational activities to keep them entertained and stimulated.

Monthly maid service cost

Below i am attaching table to better understand maid service expected salary nearby you and in your city. The maid service charges may be vary according to location, experience, work timing and work laod.

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