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Urmi group offers qualified executive having a 5 years experience in marketing who is perfectly aware about the latest marketing trends in the market well in advance with exceptional communication and presentation skills.

They are very compassionate and bound to deliver their job efficiently by giving the following:

  • Are very well updated on current marketing trends.

  • Work collaboratively in harmony with the sales team to assess current projections

  • They will regularly assess the recent marketing techniques and their efficacy in affecting sales.

  • Take calculated risks to increase profitability and brand recognition without placing the company in danger

  • Make and maintain healthy relationships and partnerships with the clients that will add profitable value in future.

  • They oversee the day to day marketing and sales including monitoring, and forecasting for better understanding of market.

  • Own the ultimate responsibility for successfully meeting or exceeding sales goals by collecting the needful payments and delivering the required job done in time.


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