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Old age Care

Aging often makes one vulnerable and prone to getting affected by diseases and various types of physical weaknesses. Aged people may find it difficult to even perform their day-to-day activities. To help them through their difficulties and diseases, we offer elderly people with specialized care services tailored to their age-specific needs. Our elderly caretaker in Delhi NCR solutions encompass a vast range of care plans for the aging needs of an individual. Our staffs who attend to an elderly are well versed in all the aspects of elderly care right from assisting an elderly with day-to-day activities to caring for an elderly’s failing health to cooking nutritious health supportive meals for the elderly.

What do our elderly care staffs do?

  • Task-1

    They assist an elderly with cleaning, bathing & personal grooming

  • Task-2

    They assist an elderly with pain management and locomotion

  • Task-3

    They wash clothes and cook for the elderly

  • Task-4

    They assist an elderly with wheelchair mobilization in case the elderly is settled in wheelchair

  • Task-5

    They assist the elderly in taking their daily medicines

  • Task-6

    They arrange for doctor visits for the elderly from time to time

  • Task-7

    Planning and preparing proper diet regime giving all the required nutrition for the body.

  • Task-8

    Collaborating with their speech, physical activities, occupational and physical therapist.


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