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Maid Service

Maids play a major role in many households these days especially when all members of the house are working, are placed in demanding jobs and have a pretty busy schedule which leaves them with no time to care for their house or anything else. In such a situation it is the maid who looks after your house on behalf of you and takes care of every little domestic task in house from doing to the dishes to cooking for you, from brooming & mopping floors to washing clothes for you. If you are looking for best maid services in Delhi NCR, Urmi Group is the answer to your problem. We have an excellent team of maids of all age-group and each one of them is an expert in almost every type of household chores. We hire them through stringent background checks and make sure they are honest and hardworking. Apart from household chores, our maids can support you in elderly care, infant care etc in their free time…

The scope of their tasks & responsibilities includes tasks such as:

  • Task-1

    Hardworking maids who love to work and never shun duties

  • Task-2

    Our maids are smart & intelligent and can grasp the flow of work easily

  • Task-3

    Our maids are swift & adept in the skills of multi-tasking

  • Task-4

    Our maids work neatly and in an organized manner

  • Task-5

    Our maids are responsible & honest

  • Task-6

    Our maids can speak in Hindi fluently

  • Task-7

    Our rates are reasonable

  • Task-8

    We provide both part time & full time maids

  • Task-9

    We provide 100% verified & background-checked maids


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