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house keeping

House Keeping Services

People who are sick or have significant mobility issues or have an impaired mental health may need help for every day-to-day activity. If you have a family member at home who needs 24/7 attendance for a smooth, hiccups free and healthy life, we can help. Our services pertaining to patient care taker attendant in Delhi NCR have brought our company much name and fame in the arena of patient home care. The attendants we offer are well versed in all the nuances of non-medical patient care.

The scope of their tasks & responsibilities includes tasks such as:

  • Task-1

    Cobweb removal

  • Task-2

    Disposal of dustbin contents

  • Task-3

    Vacuuming and mopping of floors

  • Task-4

    Dusting and dry mopping of furniture, window and door frames

  • Task-5

    Scrubbing of kitchen countertops, basins, sinks etc

  • Task-6

    Scrubbing and mopping of table tops, tiles and slabs in the house

  • Task-7

    Garbage removal

  • Task-8

    General full-house dusting

  • Task-9

    Sweeping & mopping of entire house

  • Task-10

    Vacuuming of carpets, cushions & curtains

  • Task-11

    Cleaning and scrubbing of mirrors in the house

  • Task-12

    Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets followed by deodorizing & sanitizing


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