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Physiotherapy Services

Dementia is an illness which constitutes decline in the memory life and thinking skills of a person which interferes with the life of the patient to a large extent that hinders with the daily activities of the patient. Hence you can figure out that dementia care needs 24/7 attention, support and care, if not then it might be life threatening as the patient cannot remember or recall everything at all times and may have a memory lapse anytime. So Urmi group is here at your service to provide you Dementia day care in Delhi NCR at very nominal rates. The main aim of Urmi group is to provide a stimulating and conducive environment placing the patient’s needs on the priority list giving them all the benefitsfrom various occupational therapies providing tender care with agood amount of rest and relaxation.

You can consider a person to be having dementia if you observe at least two of the following metal impaired functions:

  • Task-1

    Inability to focus or concentrate.

  • Task-2

    Inability to focus or concentrate.

  • Task-3

    Judgment and reasoning skills affected.

  • Task-4

    Facing visual perception on a daily basis.

  • Task-5

    Huge memory loss on a daily basis.


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