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Vaccination Services

Injection is the process of injecting a drug/liquid compatible with the human blood/ intervention to treat a disease, into the body through the help of a needle (hypodermic needle to be more specific), thus having a prevailing fear of needles is common in many people. It cannot be self administered if the site of administration is deep seated and must not be practiced on your own. You need professional people who are trained to administer the injection safely into your body providing the much needed sterility of things to prevent any collateral damage or infection.

It is a sensitive procedure as the drug directly goes into the bloodstream and hence should be carefully delivered. It is generally administered in the form of bolus but can also be continuously administered. It is a parenteral route which is other than the conventional digestive route. Urmi group provides injection services in Delhi NCR taking in concern the sterility, safety and hygienic conditions that need to be considered.


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