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An accountant is an expert who practices accountancy by measuring, disclosing or providing financial information that has a crucial aspect in helping in the managers, investors, tax authorities and other stakeholders of the company. Urmi group provides an experienced and skilled set of accountants in Delhi NCR.

Who can easily handle the following:

  • Monitor authorized account reconciliation process.

  • Supervise all regular accounting processes efficiently.

  • Plan and organize all monetary requirements of the organization.

  • Design and prepare proper audit schedules for external audit processors.

  • He assists departments in account harmonization process on monthly basis.

  • Provide appropriate support to keep all the internal expenses of the company safe.

  • Supervise and ensure optimum working of all the financial transactions being done.

  • Analyze and evaluate the correctness of different journal and ledger accounts regularly.

  • Administer all bank transactions efficiently and make sure the correctness and completeness of data recorded monthly.


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